Updating Your Software

When removing Unwanted Software from a client’s computer I often get asked the question. How did that software get installed on my computer?

Unwanted Software makes it on your system in several different ways:

– By Mousing Over (Simply moving the muse over the top of) an Advertisement or other specially coded area of a Website

 – To protect against this, Primarily make sure to update the following commonly Exploited Software:

 – Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java, and of Course Windows Updates.

 – By Unintentionally installing software bundled with a downloaded application or one of the Above updates (Not Windows Updates)

 – Scrutinize any software installation heavily before progressing each of the install pages. Decline to install anything extra at all. Trust me you do not want it.

Free software must be considered very carefully. There are plenty of free Open Source Applications out there that are very useful, but there are also TONS of deceptive ones that are nothing but malicious in nature.

Remember, Everything you read on the Internet Must Be True. 41-Free-Wink-Smiley

Backups Backups Backups

The Holidays have arrived and Christmas is almost here!

Whatever your method of backing up, it is especially important this time of year to have good Backups. With extended time off Servers and other Important Systems can sit UN-noticed for extended periods of time with errors or alarms possibly causing more damage. Remember to enable those email notifications!

Give me a call and I’d be happy to go over different backup options with you. Whether it is utilizing a built-in solution or more feature rich 3rd party solutions, we can match up the right one for your needs.

I also now have Automatic Remote Offsite Storage of those backups at very affordable rates.